Texas or Bust Part 1



One of my first travels that opened my eyes to new experiences was my trip to San Antonio, Texas. My husband was working in San Antonio right after we were married and I decided that I would go with him. There is a lot to do and see in San Antonio, six flags, sea world, and the river walk. But aside from the usual tourist attractions are the hidden gems of Texas.


The first adventure that I went on was to the San Antonio Japanese Tea Garden. I was excited to see this because I spent some time in Japan; one of the most beautiful, peaceful, and respectful countries that I have had the pleasure of visiting. Although nothing can compare to the natural beauty of Japan, the San Antonio Japanese Tea Garden came close.



I had the pleasure of walking the stone bridges, looking at Koi fish, beautiful plants, and spending time by the waterfall with my husband. He’s not the really adventurous type and doesn’t really spend time in places like this, but I’m glad he came with me and experienced the beauty of the Japanese Tea Garden.












Another gem that I found around the San Antonio area are the Natural Bridge Caverns. This was my first time visiting a cavern and let me tell it is a natural wonder.
My husband and I walked 180 feet under a natural bridge that was created by a sink hole. The cavern was filled with stalactites and stalagmites. Such beautiful formations I really wanted to touch but that is a third degree felony that I do not want on my record. Plus the oils on our skin and probably the bacteria that we carry stops the formations from growing.The natural formations are a site to see and I highly recommend them!



After seeing my first set of caverns I wanted to see more. Luckily for me Texas is filled with them! Unfortunately my husband had to work and couldn’t go with me. So I had a solo adventure to Long Horn cavern.
I swore to myself that I would never buy a selfie stick, but with my husband not being there to take my picture I needed to get one and I’m glad I did!












The Long Horn Cavern was similar to the Natural Bridge Cavern when it came to travel more than 100 feet under ground, but it’s the history of Long Horn that captured my attention. Long Horn cavern was at one point a speak easy! Cool right!? You can still see the lipstick and nail polish on the walls of the cavern! Can you imagine boozing and jazzing it up in a cave! The history geek in me came alive! There are pictures of the parties in the visitors center.




Unlike Natural Bridge I was able touch the rocks in the cave without causing future damage. My favorite part of this cavern was the section filled with crystallized minerals. Some of the minerals were as large or larger than my head. My picture above does not to this room justice. Oh and I was able to touch these as well!
This cave was amazing to walk through. If you are tall or tall-ish, like myself, be prepared for bending over and ducking or you will leave with a souvenir on your head or you’ll wake up a hibernating bat!



Oh yeah this cavern has a ton of bats. They aren’t your average bat, these ones are small and cute. The biggest one I saw was the length of my pinkie. I wish my husband was with me on this trip I think he really would have enjoyed this.



Not Your Average Dai

1. a member of a traveling people with dark skin and hair who speak Romany and traditionally live by seasonal work, itinerant trade, and fortune-telling. Gypsies are now found mostly in Europe, parts of North Africa, and North America, but are believed to have originated in South Asia.
2. a nomadic or free-spirited person.

Hey guys my name is Dai. I was born and raised in the Chicago land area. I love everything about where I grew up, the food, the architecture, and the history. There is no other city like it.
I have always been the person who wants to get to know people, where they come from, and all the things that make them different from myself. I feel the same way about different places; whether it’s a different city, state, or country, I want to know what makes that place different from where I live. It just takes one spark to ignite your wander lust. My curiosity and need for a change of scenery is what sparked my wander lust.


I graduated from Western Illinois University with a BA in history and a minor in art history. Coming from a city with so much history how could I not get a history degree. The past has always been fascinating. To be able to look back at all the different histories that I have studied, it’s hard to not want to travel and see other people and cultures around the world.


I am married to a man that pisses me off like no other and makes me laugh to the point where I’m having an asthma attack. We have been married for a over a year now and so far so good! It is actually because of my husband that I have the opportunity to write this blog.


My husband, his mother, and father came to America from Romania in 1999. His mother won the visa lottery and they gained permanent residency here in the U.S.. It is because of the visa lottery that I met and married my soul mate. My husband does PDR (paintless dent removal) for a living; to easily sum it up he fixes the hail damage on cars. In order for him to do pdr he has to travel to where it hails. We have been together for three years now and we have gone through three pdr seasons together and let me tell you it is not easy. Being a pdr wife is a struggle bus that I was not ready to ride. Having your significant other gone for months at a time is stressful; between the fighting, the time differences, and not being able to be in the same state; sometimes I just want to break down and cry (which I have done and occasionally still do).


My husband has been to several states throughout the United States. It is because of my husband job that I have been able to go different states and countries that I have only dreamed of going to; Japan, Mexico, Texas, Massachusetts, Florida, Colorado, and California, just to name a few. When we first started dating I was not able to travel with him as much as I would have liked to. But after being married for some time and nothing to occupy my free time I will be traveling with him on and off throughout his season.